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TUNG FUNG Industrial Manufactory (HK) Limited

Tung Fung Industrial Manufactory (HK) Limited is now re-invented itself in the field of environmental safe production of goods and services.

Our manufactoring plant uses an undercap propellant filling system which can refill R134a gas into portable resized compact cans. A vacumm process is used to ensure the integrity and quality of our repackaged R134a gas. Our mission is to produce high quality R134a gas to all our customers.

For more information about the plant, please visit our China factory website :

Our Mission

Through the advancement of research and development in the field of HVAC, (Heating Ventilation Air Condition) systems, Tung Fung is proud to introduce R134a, otherwise known as Tetra fluoro ethane.

R134a, is used as substitute refrigerant, for R12 & R22 which are ozone depleting. R134a is rated as zero O.D.P.

Among many refrigerants, R134a is a beneficial alternative. It is a non-ozone depleting refrigerant, non-flammable and non-toxic.


Our Contact Information

Hong Kong Office :

TUNG FUNG Industrial Manufactory (HK) Limited

Address:10/F, Lee King Industrial Building, 12 Ng Fong Street,
                San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 3757 8059     Fax: (852) 3743 5249
Contact: Mr. David Yau (Bachelor of Chemical Engineering) Details
Mobile No.: (852) 90904107 / (86) 13602250485
Email: info@tungfung.com

China factory :

Jiaxing Dolphin Refrigerant Technology Company Limited
浙江嘉興港區 (乍浦) 嘉興出口加工區 (郵編:314201)

Address:Zhejiang Jiaxing Export Processing Zone (Zhapu) Zhejiang , China zip:314201

電話: (0573) 85535666